Paulina Ende

Country Manager Central Europe

Originally hails from Rijeka, Croatia, where she completed her studies and obtained a master’s degree in economics, marking the start of her career journey. For the past 8 years, Zagreb has been her cherished home base.

Her professional career so far has been nothing short of exciting and colorful. Having been a part of Commercial, Trade Marketing, and Brand Marketing teams within several global CPG leaders before joining Diageo, she brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table. She began her journey at Heineken, then ventured into Pernod Ricard, and later British American Tobacco, before finding her stride at Diageo. While her background initially began in sales, she spent years working as a Brand Manager in different CPG companies, but her enthusiasm for commercial pursuits ultimately prevailed, leading her on a journey dedicated to driving business growth.

An ardent commercial enthusiast, she is always in pursuit of the next challenge. Her mantra is growth, and she thrives in fast-moving and challenging environments where she can continually learn and evolve both personally and professionally. Her career journey stands as a pure reflection of this statement, characterized by a relentless drive for excellence and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.