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Gea Kariž

Country Manager

Gea Kariž, Country Manager, Mastercard in Croatia, began her career at Mastercard in 2017 as a Marketing Manager. In addition to successfully nurturing relationships with key clients, banks, and merchants, she participated in the strategic development and branding of the company, resulting in a series of business successes for the company. Gea was promoted from the position of Marketing Manager to Director of Marketing and was engaged in the global team for strategic planning of cross-border travel. In this team, Kariž contributed to strengthening the brand in the tourism sector. Before joining Mastercard, Kariž gained experience working in media, marketing agencies, and corporate environments, with a special focus on the financial industry.

She completed her education with a Master’s degree in literature from the University of Trieste, and enriched her professional path with continuous learning and stepping out of her comfort zone.

In her private time, Gea enjoys the company of family and friends, especially if it involves sports such as snowboarding and windsurfing.