Gender equality, gender identity, diversity, inclusion – these are the topics we must address in our work environment.
Dijana Kesonja, Deputy Ombudswoman, Kristijan Kevešević, Deputy Ombudsman for Gender Equality and Associate Professor Dalida Rittosa, Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka.
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Menstrual poverty significantly contributes to the propagation of gender inequality. It represents challenging or entirely blocked access to menstrual products, adequate hygiene facilities (such as limited access to warm water, bathrooms, and waste bins), and public health services. Consequently, it impacts education while fostering stigma and shame surrounding menstruation.
Why are there fewer women in leadership positions? Why are women paid less than their male counterparts in the same positions?
Their work goes beyond mere obligation; it’s driven by passion. These women are public figures, journalists, and activists committed to advocating for those in need.
How has the Me Too movement shaped the views of the younger generations? Does Generation Z endorse this pivotal movement?
Panel Discussion: “Motherhood 2.0”, powered by Elle, delves into the profound interplay between motherhood and contemporary life, exploring the myriad challenges it presents.
What are the essential processes and strategies required to genuinely alter lifestyle habits, achieve personal growth, and enhance overall quality of life?
Excitement, orgasm, vibrator, clitoris, condom, lubrication, pregnancy, vulva, kink, normalcy, penetration, intimacy, oral sex.
Networking has become an indispensable element in career development. However, data suggests that women often have less developed professional networks compared to men.