Women's Weekend is a conference that gathers important names of the regional and world scene in one place with the aim of connecting and empowering women and as a reminder to find time for ourselves in our busy schedules.

Why are women underrepresented in decision-making bodies in politics and business? What are the challenges that female leaders will face in 2024 and how to overcome them? Why are women still underrepresented in the media? Are we stepping on each other’s feet? Why is the phenomenon of ‘imposter syndrome’ most prevalent among successful women? Why do women still experience discrimination in the workplace, family and social environment? Can women have it all – family, career and time for themselves and their pleasures?

We will give the answers to these and other current questions at the second Women’s Weekend, which will be held from March 7 to 10, 2024 in Rijeka in the Art Quarter.

The goal of the Women’s Weekend conference is to connect women from different industries and social spheres, empower women and remind women to find time for themselves and relax in their busy schedules.

Through numerous lectures, panels, workshops and one-on-one conversations, visitors will hear inspiring stories from the fields of politics, business, lifestyle, IT, beauty and health… Leaders will share their experiences about the role of women in these fields. ‘opinion makers’ and try to finally break the myth that a woman is a wolf to a woman.

As sugar at the end, attendees will be able to enjoy a rich entertainment program and relax with numerous wellness activities.

And all this in the week when we celebrate Women’s Day, in Rijeka, one of the few cities whose name is feminine!

Mark 7-10 in your calendar. March 2024 and see you in Rijeka at the regional conference that combines business and pleasure – Women’s Weekend!