Ivana Mrkonjić

Croatian Post
President of the managing board of the Croatian Post Foundation

Mrs. Ivana Mrkonjić is a physicist by education, with PhD in theoretical solid state physics. She taught for several years at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics of the University of Zagreb, then held the position of advisor at the Mission of the Republic of Croatia to the EU in Brussels, where she participated in accession negotiations for the membership of the Republic of Croatia to the EU. She worked as a minister advisor in the embassies of the Republic of Croatia in Spain, Sweden and the Czech Republic, and then as a state secretary in the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, after which she spent almost five years in the banking sector of one of the largest banks in the Republic of Croatia. In May 2017, she joined Croatian Post, which employs almost 9,000 people and five years later she became a member of the Management Board. She is also the president of the managing board of the Croatian Post Foundation. She participated in numerous international conferences, published a number of scientific articles, won the rector’s award, and her knowledge of 6 foreign languages ​​is also impressive.