Karla Grgić Totić

Senior Manager and Sustainability and Climate Country Leader

Karla Grgić Totić is a Senior Manager and Sustainability and Climate Country Leader in the Risk Department at Deloitte CE South based in Deloitte Croatia office in Zagreb. She has more than 7 years of experience in the field of business consulting with expertise in business and strategy development, process design and optimization, PMO and market analysis. Together with her sustainability team, Karla is supporting regional and international companies with implementing ESG practices, developing sustainability strategies together with preparing sustainability reports (according to CSRD, ESRS, EU Taxonomy and other relevant ESG regulations), calculating GHG emissions and developing decarbonization strategies as well as preparing companies for the ESG ratings. Although she primarily works with clients in the private sector, Karla also provides support to public institutions, she was the Project Manager of the development of Territorial Plans for Just Transition for the Republic of Croatia and is currently leading the project for Strengthening fiscal sustainability of the Healthcare System in the Republic of Croatia, both projects are EU-funded.

After completing her Master’s studies in Analysis and Business Planning at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb (magna cum laude) and European Business Studies (Project Management) at the University of Maribor (magna cum laude), Karla worked for three years as an External Associate at the Faculty of Economics and Business where she held seminar classes in the field of Management, Change Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics and also participated in various scientific ad strategic projects.

In 2019, she enrolled in a PhD study at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and she is currently in her final year of study, writing a doctoral dissertation in the field of sustainability.

Karla is also the author and co-author of scientific and business articles as well as a guest lecturer at faculties and regular participant and panellist at professional conferences, workshops and events in the field of management and sustainability.