Lana Šukunda

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Senior Associate

Lana Šukunda completed her undergraduate studies in finance at Bocconi University, followed by a master’s degree in finance from ESADE Business School. Her path to finance was largely driven by her love for numbers and interest in problem-solving. Her professional experience includes an internship in the financial advisory department at Deloitte. She has been with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a leading global company that collaborates with the management of leading global and local companies to solve their strategic challenges, for over three years. She began her career at BCG by winning an internship through a case study competition.

At BCG, she works on projects across various industries, including consumer goods, the automotive industry, public institutions, and energy. However, her interests primarily lie in areas related to companies that deal with the production of consumer goods and in issues of human resources and organizational development. What she loves most about her job is the constant exposure to challenges that lead to her advancement and growth, working in teams composed of exceptional individuals from diverse academic backgrounds where there is always an opportunity to learn something new from them, and collaborating with top and successful companies working directly with management to solve their strategic challenges.

“Choosing my career path in the finance domain, I felt the ‘lack of diversity’ very early on, during my undergraduate and graduate studies where the majority of students in my field were men. However, this only gave me greater motivation, and I realized the importance of mixed teams. Each of us brings something different to the team, and through my work at BCG, I noticed that both clients and teams were more satisfied when approaching a project with a mixed team. Also, it is the responsibility of all of us to work on diversity and to establish a ‘healthy’ ratio of men and women throughout the entire pyramid, not just at the top.”