Nadja Schaps Horvat

Implant Centre Martinko
Nadja is currently holding the CEO position in Implant centre Martinko, one of the largest Croatian health care tourism companies, with more than 80 employees in Croatia and Italy.

She started her career in a PE fund where she held positions from an investment analyst to a board member responsible for regulatory compliance, HR and legal tasks. After that, she founded with her partners an investment banking and management consultancy boutique. Her professional field of expertise is in financial modeling, valuation of investments, analysis of projects – financial, operating, strategic, management, controlling and restructuring. In the last 2 years her primary focus is on leadership and people management. She co-founded PWMN Zagreb (‘Professional Women’s and Men’s Network Zagreb’), an organization focused on inspiring and empowering individuals for creating a society of equal professional opportunities. There she held positions VP Membership, Corporate Sponsorship and Mentoring. She was born in Germany and grew up in a bilingual environment but she took two and made it into five, so she is fluent in Croatian, German, English, Spanish and Russian. She holds a major in finance from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb but further educated herself on Faculty of Economics in Zurich and University Lomonosov in Moscow. She is passioned about online courses so she finished a few courses from Yale University and UC Davis. In 2023 she finished the Master Leader Academy organized by LQ.