Tena Šimon Čolig, Head of Talent Management, A1 Hrvatska

Tena Šimon Čolig

Head of Talent Management

Meet Tena, the mastermind behind happy and thriving employees at A1 Croatia! As the Talent Management Manager, she wears many hats – from designing learning programs that unlock potential to fostering a vibrant company culture where everyone feels valued.

With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Tena has honed her skills at renowned global brands like A1 and UniCredit (Zagrebačka banka) Her secret sauce? Building strong connections between employees, their communities, and the company itself. It’s like building bridges that lead to success!

But when she’s not busy building dream teams, Tena enjoys unwinding with a good game. Planet Zoo lets her unleash her creative side, while Palworld offers a different kind of thrill. In her downtime, you might also find her tending to her garden, nurturing both plants and her love for nature.