Nina Grilc 2

Nina Grilc

Influencer and production company owner

My name is Nina Grilc, born and raised in Ljubljana.  I am a mother of 3, currently handling one almost teenager, an 8-year-old and a very outspoken 2 year old. 

My daily life consists of balancing between daily family chores on one side and professional challenges on the other. I own a production  company, which was started with my late husband, I organise and handle several events through the year, am currently in the process of creating a legacy movie about my husbands life, run an online shop and work as an ambassador for brands such as; Burton Snowboards, GoPro, BMW, H&M, La Roche Posay, and more  but most importantly I travel the world with my kids, continuing my husbands legacy and love for snowboarding. 

Mountains, versatile settings and new and interesting projects, keep me going and I especially enjoy working in creative spaces; therefore, I try to insert our love of nature, sport and life in general everywhere, from basic days to projects, which is what I often emphasise in occasional motivational speeches, podcasts and interviews.

I honestly believe, we all have the power of doing good and creating something, that gives life meaning, true value and creates a legacy that is timeless .  Love has always has been, and now is more than ever my strongest motivation.