Mia Kuleš

Mia Kuleš

Fitness instructor and choreographer

From an early age, movement has been her choice.

After finishing high school and enrolling in graphic design, she realized that she wanted to focus on sports and dance. In 2012, she became a full time dance and pole dance instructor. She got her license as a group fitness instructor and learned from the world’s biggest names in the pole dance scene. And in 2016, she opened her own pole dance studio Pole Heights, which unfortunately had to close its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to her work as an instructor, Mia is also a mentor and choreographer who has helped train people for national and international dance competitions with excellent results.

Mia conducts workshops both inside and outside Croatia.

She also competed in Supertalent, where she ended up in the finals with her dance partner.

In her spare time she works as a model, and has appeared in many fashion campaigns, TV commercials and music videos.