Lana Djurkin-Koning photo (3)

Lana Djurkin-König

Security Expert

Lana is a security professional with more than 20 years of experience in national, international and corporate security. In 2021 she joined Swiss Re, one of the words’ largest reinsures as Global Head of Corporate Security. Prior to that, she spent several years as director of regional security of EY, responsible for leading regional internal corporate security risk management. Her career in corporate security started in 2012 when she has joined DHL Group where she built and coordinated Corporate Security Global Security Situation Center. She was awarded a NATO medal while working for ISAF in Afghanistan.

Lana is a published book author (Corporate Security in the age of COVID-19 (2020)), OSAC Germany Steering Committee members and DEIA officer where she is driving young security professionals agenda, ISMA’s (the most influential global security association).