Josipa Maslać Petričević


Josipa Maslać-Petričević, born in 1963 in Zagreb, pens her inspiring biography as an unstoppable force in the world of entrepreneurship. Right after completing the Center for Administration and Judiciary in 1982, during her second year at the Faculty of Law, she courageously opens her textile craft business Naftalina, employing two seamstresses and stepping into the fascinating realm of entrepreneurship.

Established in 1983, Naftalina proudly records four decades of successful operation. Josipa becomes a mother of two, Domagoj Petrčević and Matea Pirić, who play a crucial role in the family business. Despite challenges, notably during the war in 1993, when she experienced bankruptcy and divorce, Josipa boldly returns to entrepreneurship. She decides to pivot the production, shifting from fashion to workwear.

In 2015, she becomes the president of ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb, and by 2016, she is nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. The pinnacle comes in 2017 when she is declared the most successful entrepreneur in Croatia, an accolade bestowed by the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Women in Adria portal.

In 2024, Josipa leads Naftalina with 60 employees, overseeing a production facility of 3500 square meters. She has become a market leader in corporate clothing production, collaborating with major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Jamnica, Franck, Medika, Agram, A1 Croatia, Porsche, PBZ, Zagrebačka banka, HPB, Maistra, Valamar, Blue Sun hotels…

Her hobbies, including humanitarian work, traveling, skiing, and reading, reflect the richness of her personality, making her an inspiration in the entrepreneurial scene, highlighting her strong entrepreneurial mindset and the role of women in business.