Andrea Načinović

Avanture malih okica
Founder and Chief Editor

Founder and Chief Editor of the “Avanture malih okica” portal, celebrating a remarkable 5 years this year. Although I graduated from music school and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and worked in the same field, it was only after the birth of my second child that I truly began to explore my passions. I diverged from societal expectations, resigned from my position at the university, and amidst unexpected blows and life changes, finally got to know and discover myself.

In the heart of the pandemic, I launched a business, earned a specialization in digital marketing, and grew, learned, and explored. The ”Avanture malih okica” portal is a perfect blend of my convictions and love, entrepreneurship, motherhood, digital marketing, creativity, and, most importantly, the promotion of genuine values, family, unity, and unforgettable family moments.

The primary goal of the portal is to inspire parents across Croatia to embark on new adventures with their little ones because free time is becoming scarcer, and they have only one childhood. As for me? Exploring my limits, living life to the fullest, seizing every opportunity and moment constantly motivates me to progress, grow, and learn.