What is luxury today?

Different times bring different trends, thinking and value systems. Thus, the flashy and flashy luxury of the 80s of the last century does not go well with today's minimalism, which is characterized by the motto "less is more". What does luxury represent to us today? Is it a trip, a family weekend get-together, a diamond or time that we steal for ourselves in a chaotic schedule? Why does our perception of luxury change over time and what defines the value of something that represents luxury?

Society for the change

Although we have laws that should protect every individual, we still face the reality where some people remain just a number. There are still numerous problems which we cannot resolve so easily, and unfortunately the system still has a hard time accepting the ideas suggested ny civil society. Why is it difficult to integrate them? What can we do to make changes faster and more efficient? Can the methodology of the scientific community and the ideas of experts help feminism today? Jelena Veljača, Tonkica Rudan, Karla Pudar from the Solidarna Fund will talk about visibility, realization and implementation of goals.

Start the change in your backyard

Working for your city means starting from your own environment. Working for your county means understanding the importance of the contribution and synergy of all the cities and municipalities that make it up. And to make your environment attractive and desirable to guests from all over the world means highlighting the totality of its beauty and tradition, its autochthonousness and uniqueness. As simple as it sounds, women who are challenged to put these goals into action have gone through a long and thorny road from an idea to public acceptance and recognition. "Women from the field" will talk about what that path looked like, where and in what they find motivation, how ideas that change their environment arise and why some are realized faster, and others, it seems, difficult and slow.

What ESG means for us women?

ESG – the main topic of all companies at the moment. But do we know why? In this lecture, we will not talk about the transformation of business, but we will talk about what ESG means for us women, how it has stimulated the story of diversity and how to become sustainable.

Women in the Workplace 2022: A Global Perspective

Women working for organizations leading gender equality reported having an inclusive, high-trust culture where they were valued and supported. Are your organizations leading the way towards gender equality? What can business leaders do to create a truly inclusive culture? Find out what your organization can do to ensure a daily inclusive culture for women in the new world of work.

Constellations – old patterns and new ways

How many times in your life have you realized that you are repeating the same choices and trapped in the same behavioural patterns? How many times have you stayed in relationships, jobs and on paths that you feel are not good for you, but you don’t know why or how to get out of them? Unlike numerous other mental techniques, systemic structural constellations provide actual tangible insight into our vicious circles and life’s entanglements and open a clear path to the changes we long for. Constellations are used in coaching, psychotherapy, organizational consulting and as a self-development technique, but they are difficult to describe in simple terms. Don’t miss this workshop where Goga and Amika will help you experience this stunning technique.

All shades of femininity

What makes us feminine? Is femininity defined by appearance, personality or the clothes we wear? Does it make it easier or harder for us to develop our careers in the competitive business world and can we use femininity as a force for change? On this panel, we will also discuss what femininity is all about and how to embrace it in all its shades and nuances.

Europe for balance in life

Hana Huzjak and Andrea Čović Vidović, from the European Commission Representation in Croatia, will show the audience how EU initiatives contribute to a better balance between work and private life - for women and men. They will talk about how Croatia’s Recovery and Resilience Plan - which sounds very complicated - is actually very important for all of us. Among other things, it opens up new opportunities for women on the labor market.

But when do we rest? Vitality as a life goal

How are you? If the answer to this question contains the words tired, anxious, burnt out, you know you are not on the right path. The daily rush for deadlines, obligations and attempts to do much more than we are able, lead us to the point of complete imbalance and distance from ourselves. Would you like to try something different but don’t know how? Is there even a proper way that doesn’t require additional clutter in an already chaotic schedule? Ana-Marija will introduce you to just such a method that boosts vitality, strengthens personal potential and neutralizes external harmful influences.

Future of Business: Tech-Savvy Women In Charge

Digitization of business and business processes has become a prerequisite for growth and development. The best part about the daily application of all forms of automation is the fact that it can be mastered by just about anyone, regardless of age and gender. Automation simplifies business processes and mitigates obstacles along the path to entrepreneurship. According to research conducted by McKinsey & Company, 40% of large companies across all industries have adopted automation, while 25% of small business owners have done so to some extent. What are the most common pitfalls and how to successfully overcome and implement the automation process? What are the most affordable and simplest tools on the market? How to work smarter and be more productive and, ultimately, break the male dominance in business.