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What is luxury today?

Different times bring different trends, thinking and value systems. Thus, the flashy and flashy luxury of the 80s of the last century does not go well with today's minimalism, which is characterized by the motto "less is more". What does luxury represent to us today? Is it a trip, a family weekend get-together, a diamond or time that we steal for ourselves in a chaotic schedule? Why does our perception of luxury change over time and what defines the value of something that represents luxury?

Society for the change

Although we have laws that should protect every individual, we still face the reality where some people remain just a number. There are still numerous problems which we cannot resolve so easily, and unfortunately the system still has a hard time accepting the ideas suggested ny civil society. Why is it difficult to integrate them? What can we do to make changes faster and more efficient? Can the methodology of the scientific community and the ideas of experts help feminism today? Jelena Veljača, Tonkica Rudan, Karla Pudar from the Solidarna Fund will talk about visibility, realization and implementation of goals.

Start the change in your backyard

Working for your city means starting from your own environment. Working for your county means understanding the importance of the contribution and synergy of all the cities and municipalities that make it up. And to make your environment attractive and desirable to guests from all over the world means highlighting the totality of its beauty and tradition, its autochthonousness and uniqueness. As simple as it sounds, women who are challenged to put these goals into action have gone through a long and thorny road from an idea to public acceptance and recognition. "Women from the field" will talk about what that path looked like, where and in what they find motivation, how ideas that change their environment arise and why some are realized faster, and others, it seems, difficult and slow.

The Balkan man 2.0 – When will the update arrive?

Once upon a time men were a stronger gender and women were a prettier gender. Today we would say that is quite incorrect since we know a lot of strong women whose partners are handsome men. How did we even agree that one excludes the other and that this division is fair? Probably neither women nor men know. However, we can speculate what awaits on us tomorrow... Is the new version of a man going to get involved more often in the predominantly female field of beauty and healthy lifestyle. Is he going to be more subtle and adaptable? What kind of men are we going to fall in love with and how are they going to deal with political correctness? In the end, will we like the new version at all?

Communication is female

Their job doesn't have working hours, they are used to unpredictability and every day being different. It's a classic stereotype that they lead an easy life and just spin stories, but the reality is that behind their every project there are many sleepless nights spent creating content that will make their company shine or survive a crisis with the least possible damage. They work in PR, where the share of women is about 70%. Is it because women are naturally skilful in communication or because they are more trustworthy in passing on messages? Who does the public believe more and who are fairer competitors, men or women? It will all be answered by women to whom communication is the core of their business.

Creators of public opinion

At a time that is characterized by superficiality, new audience habits, and also media practices, these women have found a way to build a different story. The women behind some of the most important media content have been participating in the creation of the overall media agenda for years. And by selecting and presenting carefully chosen topics, they continue to influence public opinion and trends. How have they adapted to the changes and are they aware of their own strength and influence? Do they really have the last word in the decision-making process and where are the limits of their responsibility? What postulates are used in the process of decision-making and definition of media content? What obstacles do they face in order to remain in their positions? These are just some of topics the leading women of the Croatian media are talking about.

Equality in the political arena, reality or fiction?

The proportion of women in Croatian politics spans from ¼ in the state parliament to 1/5 in local politics. The European Union has a great ratio of 5 women among 12 Croatian politicians. The proportion of women in Croatian politics has been growing since independence but is it all in the numbers? Why would our political parties prefer to pay the fine than respect gender equality on the election lists?

S(h)ee you on the board of directors?

Despite all the research proving that women are excellent leaders, corporate boards of directors and clubs are mostly reserved for male members. Does that mean that corporations don't trust women, even when their participation in decision-making brings better results, more creativity and innovation? Are women leaders in corporations still an exception and how much does boards formation rely on social prejudices? What else needs to be done to increase the number of women in leading positions in corporations?