Vedrana Likan

Colliers Croatia – Slovenia – B&H
Managing Partner

Vedrana Likan’s name in the business world is synonymous with: real estate and investments, intellectual entrepreneurship, development of a sustainable economy, green transition, female leadership and empowerment of women in business. Vedrana is a partner and director of Colliers, whose operations for Croatia, Slovenia and BiH she has been managing for 16 years.

Prior to her career at Colliers, Vedrana spent 10 years in communications management, PR, marketing, production and events, mostly working for international corporations and clients.

In addition to projects dedicated to promoting positive changes in society, sustainable development, education and empowerment of women, throughout her career Vedrana has worked on a number of projects with an emphasized humanitarian character, and is active in the role of mentor in numerous domestic and foreign programs dedicated to the promotion of the entrepreneurship among women and young people. Vedrana is the President of the Board of the Association for the Promotion of Positive Changes in Society, Member of the Board of APR – Academy for Political Development, Member of the Board of SOS Zagreb, honorary member of the Croatian Green Building Council and the initiator of the “21 Ways to Success” project and the LeaderSHE conference.