Marina Bjelicic (7)

Marina Bjeličić

Croatia Control Ltd.
Air Traffic Controller

Born on December 3, 1983, in Zagreb, Marina grew up in the Dubrava neighbourhood east of the city centre. She graduated from the famed MIOC high school as an excellent student. In her fourth year, she entered and won the ‘Accept the Challenge’ contest to become a military pilot. Although the profession is considered predominantly male, she decided to give it a try. After undergoing a range of tests she managed to enrol in the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, majoring in Aeronautics-Military Pilots. She spent the next five years studying at the faculty and at the Zemunik military base, where she also had flight training. After graduation, she earned the title of military pilot and the rank of lieutenant in the Croatian Army. Although she changed her profession after only six years, she remained in aviation. Marina applied to be an air traffic controller and after three years of training she became a regional air traffic controller. She has been working in this position for 12 years, and in the meantime she also become an instructor so, among other things, she trains young hopefuls. Her hobbies include learning foreign languages, which have been her passion since childhood, and sports, which is an excellent way for her to let off some steam after a busy day of work, children and other obligations. She has been in the aviation industry for over 20 years and wouldn’t change it for the world. Her husband is also a pilot, so they understand each other very well.