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Danka Derifaj

Nova TV

Danka Derifaj is a well-known investigative journalist who works on Nova TV in the informative and investigative magazine Provjereno. She mainly follows topics in the field of human rights, environmental protection and human health and corruption and irregularities in the work of institutions. She reported live from the protests in Ukraine, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina for Dnevnik Nove TV and Provjereno. She also reported on the refugee crisis from Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia. Danka is the author of an award-winning research story from 2011 about the pollution of the Sutla River, which was implemented as a case study in the Aarhus Convention Implementation Guide in the Adriatic Countries. She is the winner of a series of awards for reports in the magazine Provjereno; In 2011 and 2012, she won the Velebit Degenia, the annual Croatian Journalists Association (HND) award for the best television reports in the field of environmental protection – Pollution of the Sutle, Wild Landfills and Garbage from Albania. In 2012, she was the winner of the annual journalist award ‘Marija Jurić Zagorka’ for television journalism, for a report on a Dugorje factory that processed hazardous waste. She also received the ‘Vesna Kesić’ award for brave and critical journalism, the ‘Krunoslav Sukić’ award for promoting peacemaking, nonviolence and human rights, and in 2020 the ‘Zlatni Studio’ audience media award for TV journalist of the year. In 2022, together with 15 other colleagues, she received the journalistic Oscar – the Dutch journalistic award De Tegel.